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Thank you for dropping some more Admin! Its greatly appreciated! 🙂

Almost as good of tanlines as the current top album. Still never in order though

When will we be able to submit content again?

admin said he wouldn’t be accepting submissions and posting from his collection. based on the last few posts I hope he never accepts again lol

I see yanny

If anyone wants girls PHOTOSHOPPED nude, fucking, drinking piss, fucking dogs and horses, then

Best girl on here. I guess they are right when the say the best girls are about 15

this girl’s clearly like 19-22, da fuq you lookin at?

you belong in an institution or hell

Anyone have more of this girl?

Still need more sets

Can we go back to posting full names? Please we are missing out on so much. Ban users who post facebooks but let us share full names. Isn’t this an exposure blog anyway?

As long as the set includes some non nude candids i don’t see the point. Harassment of girls is rampant

any1 know wher realgirls201811 from tumblr went?

I’m here bitch

Salty that Lauren broke it off with you, Michael?


Michael last name?

you want nudes of the dude too? savage

Yes bitch i do

Full name of Lauren?