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She’s back!

her IG is billey_the_kid
goes by billey, in houston TX

I’ll save everyone some time.

Screenshot-2018-6-2 billey ( billey_the_kid) • Instagram photos and videos.png

Mega please?

Bring back Arielle hursh

Is the pool video a myth?

Anybody know of any other sets on here where it shows a girls I.D. like the picture of Bailey?

If anybody out there has any more content on Bailey that isn’t already here and could post it or tell me where to find it you would be my hero.

Every time her stuff is mentioned she files a complaint and gets it removed. If you’re looking for her girl/girl stuff you’ll have to be creative with your Google searches 😉

May you help us out 🙂

do you have her girl/girl vids

I love this bitch. I beat off to her nudes every day and there’s nothing she can do about it, hahahaha

Why would you call her a bitch? It seems to me that she’s a pretty young lady who enjoys masturbation and gets a thrill from having folks watching her masturbation videos.

Oh my bad I mean slut

If you knew her you wouldn’t be calling her a bitch….. you pathetic asshole.

I know her in real life and she’s still a bitch.

Bitch or no bitch if someone could post more stuff of hers it would be great. Thanks

you weak cunt

Texas dorm room calendar

bailey calendar june.jpg

lmao. Can we get the rest of the months please.

To the idiot that keeps sending this link to all of Bailey’s neighbors….SCREW YOU! GET A LIFE LOSER!

Hahaha, it makes my dick diamonds knowing everyone she knows in real life has seen her naked on the internet.

Why? Why do you celebrate the misfortune of someone you dont even know? Even if you did know the person, why would you want to wish them ill will? You won’t earn any good karma points that way.

pain turn me on

Did they really? Where did you get that from?

I wish Bailey was MY neighbor

reUp the download pls

Man ever since my biochem research professor mentioned that squirt is just uncontrollable pee I just can’t look at it the same anymore

well wtf did you ever think it was? Some alien organ despite billions of autopsies we have never discovered.


well cum isnt pee, so he might have thought it was cum

And yet squirting turns me on while goldens showers are digusting 😛

This is pretty mean. Who ever took her pictures at the very least could have forgone uploading her ID if they absolutely could not stop themselves from uploading her private pictures. It’s a pretty messed up situation to be put into against your will. But it’s been done and she will just have to bitch slap anybody who tries to decide what she is based on their judgment of pictures I assume she did not voluntarily choose to release, at least not with her name attached. She is incredibly good looking and yeah, I being of weak moral turpitude looked… Read more »

she want it like this because she is slut

Anyone have a reup of all of the videos?

do you want it?

Pleaze post the link if you have it

Please help with the girl/girl vid

Every time that vid gets posted it’s removed within hours. Most likely the work of a hired attorney.

Bailey Anne Hector-75.jpg

That sucks, someone was saying before there’s a way to google it but didn’t say what to search

she was peeing

That’s her sis perry

someone please just post the girl/girl vid

Anyone have an active link to the vids? Especially the girl/girl one

Anyone have an active link for the vids? Especially the girl/girl one

I think there’s a legal reason the girl/girl video is being removed so quickly. How old does the other girl look?

Bailey Anne Hector-48.jpg
Bailey Anne Hector-75.jpg

Dudes this is her sister. There is no girl/girl video but if there actually is, it’s not with her.

I’d guess about 35.

She’s not having sex with her sister lol

The girl/girl vid did not involve sex. They got naked at the pool and rubbed baby oil on each other….boring as fuck.

I’d love to see that tease

It’s back on mless, get it before it’s gone!

What is mless?

Dude that’s her fucking’ sister in that video!!!!!!!!! WTF??????????????

Where is the video?

How do I download from mless??????? I need to save this shit.

Happy fucking 4th of July! Now how do we download it and save it?

Where’s the link?

Don’t post the link on here it will be removed in a matter of minutes just like last time

Was that 2 totally full bottles of baby oil they just wasted?

What site is it on?

riot room


What was Bailey wispering at the end?

first I thought she said fuck my asshole, but I think she actually said lick my asshole????

any clue on how to find it on mless

just tell us how to download it damn it

No need for fireworks on Owen street tonight….we’re all watching the video

whats the keyword to find it

What did bailey say about her butt hole? I can’t fucking hear her?

The younger one looks athletic as fuck!


damn she has a tight asshole

And just like that it’s gone. With that many views someone had to figure out a way to save it.

What happened on it? Is it not uploaded anymore?

Please someone reupload it

Fucking hell.. I’ve been lurking and when it’s finally re-upped i miss it. goddammit, i didnt even think it was real.

Same here. Frustrating that someone wont just post the dsmn thing.

Did no one seriously save it ??????

if someone finds it i can download it and share it with others that arent able to download it

Can we get it posted someone? Actually real?


Is there a volafile link/room that someone could post the videos to?

second this someone post the damn video

in riot room


what is riot room

I’m guessing they mean Message board thing. I don’t know how it all works though

blocked by this server?

room suspended, post another

where is other riot chat?

if anyone has the girl/girl vid discord is atomicdab#9658

fentanyl99#5486 if you have it please 🙂

lol faggot

She’s hot but fuck you faggots that sent this to her family,

I’ll post Annika Boron for this stupid pool video

So there’s nowhere people can reup the videos? Surely somewhere like volafile would work?

I have a video of her in bed kissing a guy naked
It’s not a long video tho

send pleaase [email protected]

Or post in vola jqgve6t0

/r/jqgve6t0 Sharing room

Nice, hopefully people will actually post the vids though

Any post the pool vid?

just posted the videos that were here.

Since this is the featured post right now, it would be nice if the videos were actually working.

It would be nice if your mother eats my ass while she jacks me off

bump for the baby oil vid!

bump lets get this video right now i know someone saved it

Have full set will throw link up when more is Posted

Including this babyoil video?

Nope thats what I’m waiting on

Freckles for the baby oil vid?

Reup freckles

I’ve got it, I’ll re-up tomorrow.

One of y’all post the damn video lol

I will tomorrow, it’s on my laptop just make sure you remind me.

How do we remind you lol

This is me reminding you



reminder, reup it!!

Take your fucking Freckles and stop wasting energy on anything that isn’t an oiled up Bailey lol.!6iQESS7J!kZw68uYZI5eUddEw4-hLGKws9VOD2VCIW-c-xFwGMvo

Only 2 of the videos?

Only 2 of the videos?

Can someone reup this to Mega?

Ur kik?


That mean you have it?